April 28, 2013

Last Sunday In April

summer winter scene by melameena
Pool almost ready for swimming. Fruit growing on the trees. The lawn has some crunch to it here and there due to heat and north wind. Time to set the automatic sprinklers again.

Daffodils, lilacs, hyacinths, tulips and crocus already faded. Lavender is in full bloom.  The gardener in me is aching to plant some colorful annuals and play in the dirt.

It's time to hang the shade cloth over the pergola and drape the sheers along the perimeter of said pergola.

Time for sunscreen and hats, washing tons of towels every day and actually washing my car instead of letting the rain clean it.

Sleeping with windows open, I hear frogs and crickets all night long. Of course, we also hear parties in the park, drummers circle on Sunday evenings and jazz on Saturday afternoons.

Bye Winter! Hello Summer!  Nice visiting with you for a day or two Spring, I look forward to your 8 hours of glory next year.

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