April 11, 2013

Screw Gratitude

Several months ago Dr. Ng,( remember the doc that I liked because she asked if I would like her to pray with me? ) took over my medical care from a doc who was transferring out of state. I saw her, nice enough lady and somewhat thorough in her questions and then she prayed with me....nice.

Since then, several  months, I have called my old pharmacy and asked for refills every month. Every month they say they will call doc. Four or Five days later I call pharmacy, still haven't heard from Doc.  Then I call Doc's office, they say they never got request, call pharmacy they say they sent request but will send it again, two day later pharmacy says they didn't receive authorization from doc, call doc's office and they say they sent it in, pharmacy calls dr's office liars, dr's office calls pharmacy liars and eventually I make a total ass of myself and I get my meds.

Last month, same thing. So I called a new pharmacy and asked them to get my list of meds transferred from old pharmacy. Called Dr. office to tell them to call my scripts in to new pharmacy, everything be nicey, nicey.

Yesterday I get a call from new pharmacy, nice recording on my cell "This is ______ Pharmacy, you're prescriptions are ready to be picked up!" Cool! I didn't even call them in, they automatically refilled them.....

Scene this afternoon, I walk into new pharmacy, give them name and birth date, say in my nicest voice without being condescending, "I'm here to pick up my prescriptions!"

"How many?" they ask (already with a little bit of "tude" because I am the customer and this is Redding and Customer Service in Redding basically means, "But I didn't use the f-word so what's their problem!"

"Three" I said still smiling because I really want this to go smooth.

They have one. Never got one from doc's office and the other one didn't have a refill and no one bothered to call it in....

Can I confide in you my most inner feelings about health care professionals in Redding?

You see, we have (county wide) about 150,000 people and about 4 doctors who are taking new patients.  You can't make an appointment with the ones taking new patients because they want to read all your records before they decide whether to take you on or not (huge waiting list of people who need doctor and medical care ).  Now, why are those 4 doctors taking new patients when the other 222 aren't?  Take a guess.

Pharmacies are overwhelmed because most doctors don't want to fix what ails you they just want to give you some pill that will mask the symptoms, but be careful because the pill may cause problems breathing, asthma, profuse bleeding, stroke or cardiac arrest....call your physician if any of these symptoms should arise....except for the cardiac arrest one...you  may want someone else to call after you call 911.

Choosing a doctor in Redding is a little like a game we play here in the North State. It's called Cow Pie Bingo. We take a large lot, maybe an acre or so.  A chalk-line checkerboard is then  drawn out so that from a helicopter it looks a little like a football pool sheet, each square about 3' x 3'.  Each participant pays $5, more or less, to buy a square. Winning square gets the money. When all the squares are sold, the farmer lets a cow into the field. the cow wanders around nibbling a little grass or weeds while we all stand around the perimeter of the field watching with bated breath. The Cow can wander quite awhile before she lifts that tail and shits on a square.

And that my friends is like choosing a doctor in Redding, except, that the square shits on you!

Gratitude Journal

I am thankful there was a counter between me and the pharmacy tech and pharmacist at Pharmacy A.
I am thankful there was a counter between me and the pharmacist at Pharmacy B
I am thankful that I have a xanax to take before I see my present Dr. tomorrow.

Good news,
Two of my nephews and their families came to see me today, and my mom and dad. It was so good to see them.
I am truly thankful for them and their safe travel.

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