April 13, 2013

My Dad

Worried about my dad.

My mom had a stroke about 10 days ago. Dad has been with her almost constantly. Comes to my house to sleep but has trouble sleeping because he worries about her.

I have been trying to convince him to take a little time. Maybe go to his house and spend the night or just go for some peace and respite.

He didn't sleep at all last night. He went to see Mom about 8 this morning for about 2 hours then came back to my house to tell me he was going to drive down to his house, water the lawns, do some hand watering of some of the pots here and there and then try to get some rest.

He called a couple of hours later (45 minute drive to his house) to say lawns were done. He asked about Mom. I told him she was okay, I was with her. So he said he was going to lay down and see if he could catch some sleep in his own bed.

He laid down, tossed once or twice and just as he nodded off the phone rang. He jumped up to make sure it wasn't about mom. It wasn't.

I was at Rehab when he walked in from his drive back. He looks like a zombie, but at least a freshly showered zombie!!!

I've gotta get Mom home or we're gonna lose both of them.

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  1. Hope my daughters are like you when the time comes. I'm sure they will be, but still... You're amazing me.


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