April 26, 2014

A Studio!

Of my every own!!!

Can you imagine?

I've been working with clay a lot lately, which means my dining room table is a mess!  The guilt is overwhelming if I don't clean up everything when I leave the room for another activity. Okay, I don't really feel quilty by not cleaning up, but it did sound mature and responsible, didn't it?

My grandson just moved out and his old room, our den, has just been sitting empty. It has built in shelves and drawers and great northern light. I ripped out the old carpet and padding today. There is only one crack in the concrete floor, very narrow, easy-peasy fix!

I am going to scrub the couple of little spots where the padding glue actually held; two little spots no wider than 1/2 inch. Exciting Part: I am going to stain the floor. My sister suggested creating a labyrinth  on the floor which I am seriously considering .

When the floor is done I will move the desk from the garage back in for my writing station. Yeah, I can type away all night without disturbing the old guy and some of my best ideas are at 2 a.m.

When I left home to get married my dad built a desk in my old closet for fly tying. It was pretty cool! I'm thinking I may attempt to build myself a little art desk in the closet, with shelves for my brushes and pastels and paper and clay and paint and, and, and....I've got goosebumps.

A studio! My very own!

Now, I have to go research concrete floor prep, floor painting and labyrinths!

Oh, yeah, and the door to the studio is a Tardis my granddaughters and I just finished painting. What can be a more magical place to create than in a Tardis. You know they are bigger on the inside than the outside!

If you'd like, I'll lend you one of my brushes and some bright colors and you can paint me happy!!!

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