April 21, 2014

Wake Up!

When the Nazis or Communists, or any other Fascist tyrant invades a land, the first thing they do is destroy or steal any spiritual or sacred icons the people hold dear.  Nazis and Communists first outlawed any objects, art or talk of Mary, the Blessed Mother of Jesus. Then they destroyed religious artifacts and outlawed all religious practices.

The Communists did, at times, allow someone to pray or observe a special day, but often took away a family member in payment. Sometimes they simply shot said-family-member, or members, where they stood.

Then they step up to divide and conquer. One night there will be a knock at the door. Soldiers step in and drag a dad or grandpa or daughter, or maybe all, away. The "nice" soldier stays behind a minute or two to warn the remaining household that they have a neighbor who reported them to the powers that be. A lie, of course, but what do you believe when a loved one has just been hauled away never to be seen again.

Translation: Trust No One!

Isolation sets in. Everyone is against everyone. Every one is busy wondering "was it you" or "do they think it was me?"

Communism accomplished that very thing. The people didn't know who to trust. "Trust us!" said the government.

"We will take all the money. We will give you jobs. We will provide you with food and housing. We will take care of you!"

It worked for close to 40 years. The people were poor, they had little food if any and housing was utilitarian at best. The money was kept by the upper echelon, who lived in beautiful estates, had uniformed drivers, traveled, ate caviar and their children attended the best schools. They wore shoes that fit, could see a physician when they were ill and pay for a dentist to treat a toothache.

The gap between the two classes grew wider and wider and wider. The group "being taken care of" would stand in line for hours for a loaf of bread or a roll of toilet paper to discover the allotment was gone by the time they reached the front of the line.

All the time, the same propaganda continued.  Don't talk to your neighbor or your brother; they have betrayed you. You are being watched. People still missing, shot or sent to Siberia for speaking up or for no other reason than to scare everyone else left at home. Pets shot, livestock killed or seized for the "higher good!" Be scared!

It took awhile but the people finally realized that no one was being taken care of except the power mongers and rich. The masses concluded that by showing up to work everyday, the only ones benefiting were the rich, so, slowly, people started to turn to each other, talk, trust again. One by one, people stopped showing up for work. Manufacturing ground to a halt. No product, no money.

Communism collapsed. TaDa!

In America it is harder to knock on the door and carry someone away. Not unheard of, but harder. We call it Tax Evasion or Child Molesting. America hates Tax Evaders, reminds us of the evil Al Capone and, of course, who doesn't hate Child Molesters.

We also know that if you are too loud you get hit by a truck or you commit suicide on a park bench but after you died you must have taken your gun to hell with you.

We do know about divide and conquer, though, and man oh man, are we good at it.

First we throw some deeply sensitive subjects out for bones. Abortion, Gay Marriage, Health Care.
Then we poke sticks in the wounds. Mix a little fear and anxiety in, or maybe a lot. Poke, poke, poke; a little salt, poke, poke.

We draw lines. We have approximately 240 million eligible voters in the U.S. A line can almost be drawn down the middle. 49% for this, 51% against that; next issue, 52% yea, 49% nay. On and On.

We don't agree, we ain't gonna listen, we ain't gonna discuss, we ain't neva' gonna agree....so there!

Then we dumb down the education system and throw some crap messages out in the media.

In the meantime, while we point fingers and fight and try to find the cheapest loaf of bread and cheapest toilet paper, and still lose our homes to foreclosure, guess what the government and power mongers are doing in the background?

Do you have a chaperone or do you take the bus?  Do you sell bogus mortgages or handle your corporation so poorly that the government bails your out with billions of dollars? Do you get special laws passed allowing corporation to be considered sentient beings with special tax loops while children go hungry and live on the street?

Are you too busy yelling at your neighbor to notice what is happening to our country?

Hey, as long as I am on this here soup box, can I just say, Why are we arguing about who's religion is right? Muslim, Christian, Navajo, Pagan, Hindus, Catholic (some Christians don't believe Catholics are Christians). My impression is that if you believe in God, then you should also believe that there is enough of God to go around!

p.s. If you don't hear from me for awhile....well....it was nice!

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