April 07, 2014

Spontaneous Sunset

A beautiful Sunday. We decided to hang around the house. No photography for us today, just catching up with yard work. We have totally neglected the yard for months. Frank mowed the lawn that was over a foot tall in the back; it's been too wet to mow! (that's our story and we're sticking to it!)

After chores, I laid in bed and read for awhile. Frank took a little nap and then headed outside to blow the driveway clean and fill up the green bin with trimmings. He even transplanted a couple of little lilac shoots.

Sometime around 6:30, while I contemplated whether to prepare pork chops or stir fry for dinner, Frank came bounding into the house after a walk with Rex. He and our dog must have run the last lap of their "walk"!  They were both panting and, at least one of them, was shaking his tail with great joy!

"Grab your camera, its going to be a great sunset!" We jump into the car with everything we needed, tripod, quick release, microfiber wipes, lenses. Surprisingly, we were much better equipped as we spontaneously headed out than we often are when it is a planned trip.

We headed to our favorite valley view spot about 25 minutes east of town. We had about ten minutes of just "observing" or "feeling" Nature, as our own nature dictates! (see prior post).

As the sun dropped behind Shasta Bolly and the coastal range the most incredible cloud formation was displayed in glorious shades of pink, orange and deeper orange. Hard to describe, so I will just show you.
 Doesn't it look as if a goddess ran her fingers through the clouds? Or maybe Zeus dropped a large object down from Mt. Olympus causing ripples in the sky!

The circles were even apparent around the sunset.  It hinted that the sun was actually causing  ripples as it sank into the night sky!  (Yes, there are some who have verbalized their concern regarding my overactive imagination.  They are living happily ever after in their own jars!)

No rings around Mt. Shasta. Maybe Lemurians are not fond of rings! At least we finally have snow on the mountain, though she did have to wait until March for her winter coat! Not sure if that was due to global warming or the state of the economy.

Sometimes, subtly is nice too. One can only handle so much drama!


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