April 06, 2014


Photographer and Filmmaker, Louie Scwartzberg, appeared on the OWN network's Super Soul Sunday show this morning. He is one of the first, if not the first, photographer to implement time lapse photography. Started it to save money because he couldn't afford a lot of the 35mm film back in the old days, so he filmed slower!

His photography and filmmaking is indescribably delicious. He seems to focus (get it) on nature, recording bees pollinating, butterflies wriggling out of cocoons, dancing flowers. Beautiful images.

Oprah asked him two questions that made my mind itch.

"How do you relate to nature?"
"How would you describe nature?"

Not surprising,  I don't recall his answers. I was too busy asking my husband the same questions?

I asked him what he thought nature was. "God's creation," was his instant answer. No surprise for any of you who know him...he's on the fast track to Sainthood!

How does he relate to nature? He is an intense observer! He sees it all but his area of expertise is things-of-the-sky.

My answer to what is nature? God's song! Yeah, I'm much more poetic than Mr. Sky Guy!

How do I relate? I feel nature. Frank disagrees. He thinks I relate to nature through him! In spite of his impressive intelligence and knowledge he leans to the cocky narcissistic side!

We did agree that he looks at the big picture and I "see" the details, the little stories in the big picture. He refused to accept the fact that I feel nature.  I am not an observer of nature but I am a participant in it.  He still refused that I could "feel" it.

So I made him make his own breakfast...How did nature and I feel about that?  Pretty dang-gum good!

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