May 01, 2014

A New Friend

Life is kind of crazy. Most of you know that but I just wanted to state it for the slow learners!

My husband and I have a good friend who was running his own interview radio program a couple of years back. The show was based on people who were living their passion. I did most of the background research for the show, biographical types of information.

One day my husband suggested to our friend that he might talk to a woman he knew through some of the classes and presentations he gives. Our friend sounded excited, asked me to call her and see if she was interested in being interviewed on air.

Turns out, she had no interest in being interviewed but our friend befriended her.

Any of you who have read my blog for any length of time have probably come to the conclusion that I am very metaphysically minded, or, as my husband describes me, I'm a little "woo-woo"!

Last week our friend and I were having a conversation over coffee. I made one of my "alternate-state-of- consciousness" comments and he covered his face with his hands. I punched him in the shoulder and inquired, "What's up?" (like I didn't know)

When he finally lowered his hands from his face, he asked, "Do you know ___________ ___________?

"No, never heard of her!"

He was a little surprised that Frank hadn't already introduced us. Most likely didn't get the introduction because Frank is already surrounded by so many women passing through our home who dwell in the woo-woo world of alternative consciousness, that the thought of one more made him tremble! (My husband witnesses the miracles of psi everyday. Like a good Catholic man, he just crosses himself and moves on!)

"Well, you need to meet her." Our friend emailed me her contact info, after clearing it with her.

I contacted her.  We made arrangements to meet.

She is fantastic. She exudes openness, acceptance and curiosity!  I can't wait to introduce her to other friends. She shows up 100%, she doesn't check any parts of her at the door. She is also up for adventure....I feel a women's retreat coming on and it is going to make headlines! Get Ready Friends!

The men, Frank and our friend, are in big doo-doo with me for being so selfish and keeping her all to themselves for so long. There will be consequences to pay!

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