May 29, 2014

Veggies....Who Knew

Better still....Veggies...Who Knew And Didn't Tell Me!!!

Its been a couple of weeks now that I have been practicing a vegetarian lifestyle. (Though I must confess that Monday we celebrated 30 years of marriage and I had Salmon and a wonderful salad with parmesan cheese...AND I LIKED IT!!!!) Salmon was Atlantic, no radioactivity...that we know of!

Eating vegetables everyday inspires one to investigate new recipes. Who knew there were so many ways to serve those tasty little non-carne substances!

Have you ever sauted ginger and garlic in olive oil then tossed in a big bowl of shredded cabbage? The recipe said to sprinkle with soy sauce before serving. Do you know how many days worth of sodium is in a tablespoon of soy sauce?  I substituted a little balsamic vinegar. Delicious!

Have you ever had fresh carrot/pear/ginger/sweet potato juice?  I could live on that alone!

Every morning I brew a pot of green tea and chopped ginger. I add the mixture to a pitcher of cold water and lemon slices, with a tablespoon of fresh ginger juice from the juicer.  Drinking Ginger/Green Tea all day is super refreshing and, as the say in so many commercials "It's good for you, too!"

I have lost at least 12 pounds. My scale is old and tired and I can step on and off and on again with a weight change, up or down, of 1 pound with each mounting of the platform. So I know it is at least 12 pounds. If I had my sisters scale I could claim 19 pound loss but her scale is 7 pounds off and my waist and I would know it was lying!

All-in-all, life as a vegetarian is pretty darn good.

Still filled with energy....Anyone want to dance? Think you can keep up?

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