May 08, 2014

Little Slice of Paradise!

The entry hinted of the incredible potential for some "WOW"!

We opened the door and stepped into paradise!

My husband scheduled a photo shoot of two gorgeous vacation rentals. We were comped the use of one of the houses.

Which one you may ask? I call it the Romantic Getaway house!

Well, it could be a romantic getaway but Frank was busy doing his click, click, click thing and visiting with owner, sooooo,
my other name for the house is Private Ecstasy!

I poured myself a tall glass of iced tea; sat on the upper deck for an hour or so and read a fantastic book we are reading in the book club, Quantum Think by Dianne Collins.

I stood at the railing, watching an eagle fly by; house boats float down the arm of the lake and the beautiful mountains. I heard a little noise and looked down. A hot tub! Oh yeah!

I grabbed a towel and did the stairs as quick as I could. Ripped off my clothes and stepped into the warmer, bubblier side of paradise!

As I laid back in the delicious heat of the water and sun another bald eagle flew overhead.

This is the life!

I heard my name being called! I open my eyes and there is my husband, leaning over the edge of the upper deck! Noticing that I was naked he made the comment, "I guess I should tell Ken to wait a couple of minutes before he comes over!"

Did I say "romantic"?  What was I thinking?

Time to get out of the tub anyway. I'd been in about 20 or 30 minutes already. I'd say I was thoroughly cooked!

Had a very nice visit with the owner. He told us the house had been owned by Raymond Burr "back in the old days!"

We had a great chicken enchilada dinner surrounded by views in the glass dining room.

We had cameras locked and loaded for a fantastic sunset but as we dined the clouds rolled in, and rolled in and rolled in.

By the time dusk had come and gone, we were back in the hot tub. The moon just a bright glow through the clouds. No stars for us but the space was so full of ambiance, who needed stars?

If you want to take your Honey to a peaceful, serene retreat, off the beaten track, no highway noise; can't even hear the boats on the lake. All we could hear were the birds, the breeze rustling through the trees and the beating of our hearts. We fell in love with Dreamview!

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