May 01, 2014

I know....boooooring!

We have been paying $1500 a month for our insurance premium and that is through my husband's work, so his employer has been paying an additional amount.

Our deductible was $5500 per year for each of us. Then the insurance only paid 80% of "reasonable and customary" and we live in California. Living in California means that our typical office visit is about 45% more than the average across the nation, so 80% of r and c is a pittance.

We couldn't change insurance because I've had a heart attack, a history of arthritis and a long history of PTSD. Pre-existing is a very long four-letter-word in the insurance industry!

President Obama helped pass a law tossing out the "pre-existing" clause.

We just changed insurance! We have a $2000 deductible (combined). It doesn't cover one of my prescriptions which is $18 per month but I can afford to pay it, because I was paying it anyway but the $18 was being applied towards our old deductible annually! (12 x $18 = less than $5000 )  Good news;   our new insurance premium is just a bit over $300 a month!

We will be saving more than our mortgage each month. We could actually make double payments towards our mortgage and still have money left over to clear the dust in savings!  (Can dust exist in a vacuum?)

Our old insurance questioned and questioned and questioned every bill, even though they never paid anything. The one year when I had a total knee replacement in January, we paid the $5000 deductible to the hospital and had to fight with insurance to make other payments and they restricted physical therapy to 12 visits. My physical therapist was an awesome guy and told me to keep coming in and he wouldn't charge me because 12 visits is not enough for a total knee, especially after 3 years of severe arthritis in the joint and my lack of strength. 

The year we met our deductible in January, our insurance changed up their policy, gave us 30 days notice and started a new deductible in July of the same year!

I love our new insurance premium, I love our new insurance and I, especially, love our president.

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