May 15, 2014

Five Days of Dog Hair!

Do you know how much fur a border collie sheds in 5 days? Five HOT days?

To quote Usher, "Oh My Gawawawawd!"

Fur, fur, fur. The rug in the family room is black with dog hair. Our bedroom floor is black with dog hair. The rug in the entry is black with large clumps of black dog hair.

I couldn't care less!

We visited my mom and dad on Mother's Day, then jumped in the car, headed to Soquel. We spent Sunday evening and Monday with my sis and niece (and various characters who swung in and out her revolving doors). Every one feels comfy at my sister's house.

Excellent time. Always hard to leave her home.

We jumped into car and headed south on 101. Oh my gosh, it was such a beautiful drive. I made Frank drive to San Luis Obispo. Just north of SLO is a steep down grade and my brakes do this weird thing, even in second gear. Once we passed the steep grade, I took over the driving.

I should always drive anyway, not that Frank is a bad driver....I just drive better!!! (Just kidding, my love).

There were so many wonderful photo ops along the way but we had a time limit. Our oldest granddaughter was playing in a softball game at 3:30 near Moorpark and we didn't want to miss a second of it.

We experienced green rolling hills, majestic oaks, agricultural fields in all states of production (cabbage, garlic, grapes, berries, onions, more grapes, almonds, more grapes). We saw ocean, rugged canyons and more CHP black and whites than I have all year at homes. Luckily, they never showed any interest in us.

Then we were there. She was in uniform, already standing out in field, white bow in her long blonde ponytail. Our son was in the bleachers. Great game. Her team won ( of course )!

We had a fantastic dinner with the whole family; son, daughter-in-law, old granddaughter, younger granddaughter and ribs and tri tip (don't tell my dr. ). I got hugs and hugs and more hugs, but, sadly, not enough! We had a wonderful time.

We turned the car to the north early the next morning. Frank drove the Grapevine (again, weird brakes, long downhill grade ). I took over driving and we flew to my parents house in northern California. My husband fixed my dad's wifi, Mom fed us (as always...good chicken, Mom, thanks).

We returned to dog and hairy home just in time to put jammies on, pour some ice tea and assume the position for Survivior! (Bye shouldn't have trusted a cop who always swears on his wife and kid's lives).

Ten minutes after 9, I believe I was sound asleep with my head on my husband's shoulder. We both woke up an hour later, giggled and went to bed.

Today my dog is happy, we are home to toss his rope for him.
Today niece is happy; got all her classes and that makes me happy.
Today I am also happy because I filled up my love space with family time.
Today my rugs are happy because I vacuumed them, over and over and over!

Life is good!

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