November 01, 2014


Several years ago, I was given a book that is virtually empty, except for a prompt at the top of each page. It is to make lists of your personal story.  While looking for a copy of another book to give a friend, I rediscovered the little tome.

What wonderful memories it brought back and new memories that were added.

There are several pages that every-other line starts with "My First___________________________"

Do you remember your "Firsts"? Your first kiss?  Your first date?  Your first trip away from home?

Do you remember your first home of your own? Where was it? What did it look like and, more importantly, how did it feel to have your very own place?

My first home away from home was a small apartment in a pre-civil war Victorian style home. It was haunted and we called the ghost Colonel Corn!  It was 3000 miles from "home-home"! Boy, talk about "call before you drop in for a visit!"

The rent was $37.50 a month and that included utilities. Living room, kitchen (tiny), dining room, big bedroom and full bath. The bathroom floor was an add-on and had a small down grade away from main rooms! The land lady's name was Mrs. Smith. She was about 5 feet tall, in her seventies and could move an old double wide stove with four burners and griddle! 

The apartment was furnished. A body would automatically roll down to the center of the bed, which was perfect because I had just eloped and not a lot of sleeping was done in that beautiful little apartment.

Do you remember the first time you flew on a plane or rode a train? Do you remember how you felt about it? Were you excited, scared, hesitant? Where did it take you?

What about your first kiss? Where, who and when?  Did your braces get stuck together? Was it wonderful. Did it frighten you more than your first plane ride?

Do you remember the first music you bought? Was it a 45, an album, an 8-track, a cassette or CD? Maybe it was just a song downloaded to your Ipod!  The Ipod option seems sad to me. I remember the first 45 I bought. I walked to Ben Franklin's 5 & 10. Bought a small bag of popcorn (fresh), a glass bottle of Pepsi and "Our Day Will Come" by Ruby and the Romantics! 

The excitement of holding that little flat disk all the way home was almost more than I could bare. My folks had just given me my first phonograph and I couldn't wait to hear those words, "Our day will come and we'll have everything...."! When it got to the "no one can tell me I'm too young" I would get goose bumps! I was so "in love" with that guy around the corner".

What are your most memorable firsts?  First day in the Navy? First day at college? First day of marriage (after the wedding and hangover?).

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