November 03, 2014

Where Did It Go?

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My head on my pillow, blankets pulled up tight, my arm around my husband's waist. The clock read 3:58 and the darkness read a.m.  I listened to the breathing of the dogs, sleeping soundly, and the steady breath of hubby.

The feeling of comfort and safety was overwhelming.

In the aura of contentment, my mind started to wander.

In the traveling, thoughts gently came upon a part of life that needed to be reflected on. I turned it in all directions, looked at it from many angles. The subject was so compelling. The perlustration of it promised profound conclusions.

As I lay there, I begin to blog about it in my head. The title practically jumped into my head. Sentence after sentence virtually wrote themselves.

"What an awesome subject to discuss on the blog," I thought. Awe-inspiring and magnificent.  I will fill in the few blanks in the morning.

I yawned, listened to the breathing of my companions and gently fell back into a deep, peaceful sleep.

This morning, I awoke slowly. Apparently, having turned in my sleep, my husband's arm was around my waist, his breath on my neck.  We let the dogs out, showered and as Frank got ready for work, I changed the sheets and made the bed.

The boys (dogs) joined me in the kitchen where we shared some treats. I juiced some veggies and a couple of apples and chopped fresh ginger for my tea. All done with an overwhelming desire to sit here at the computer to share last night's contemplation.

So, here I sit. Tea steaming in my favorite mug. Boys settled on my feet to keep me warm. My finger tips resting on the keyboard and.....and....and....

It's gone!  All that wonderful predawn reflection is gone...completely.  The feeling of it is here, I feel the peacefulness of the room, the rhythm of the others' breathing is almost palpable....but every single word is gone....flown.....decamped....vanished....nonextant!

Dang, it was good, it was so good! I wish I knew where it went; I'd love to visit it!

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