November 14, 2014

Old Standards

Listening to Big Band and Old Standards today while I clean house.

Usually this genre of music makes me dance but today, not so much.

No tears....yet...but the mood of the house just seems somber.


Wrote the portion above yesterday. Couldn't shake the the worries and anxieties. Once more, my gut proves it's intuition, grandson seriously injured back (pulled muscle and 4 bulging discs), BOLO out on niece (disappeared from apartment in Redding, 3 strange men in apartment with all her belongings and her cat who say she left and gave them everything...uh, I don't think so!),  revelations about roomie (Darth Vader said Whaaaaa!), really good friend had a truly demonic experience and my husband is sick!

Gut's don't lie!

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