January 21, 2013

But It Isn't Even A Full Moon

Was driving on Benton headed towards Lake Redding Golf course from Court Street this afternoon. As I approached the intersection I spotted a beat up old blue pick up truck with wood sides built up and the words "oak wood" spray painted haphazardly on the wood.

The truck was stopped in the right lane and the driver was chasing a car, with his arm raised, holding on to what appeared to be a lead pipe. The car's driver stepped on the accelerator and got out of Dodge!

The guy with lead pipe ran back to the truck.

Just then the light turned green in my lanes and 4 cars in front of me moved forward but as I entered the intersection the idiot in truck cuts me off and makes a right turn in front of me. I had already been contemplating making a call to the police and report his license number but his rear license plate has been bent in half so no one can read the number!

As we make the curve at the back of the golf course, he goes past the left turn to River Park, slams on his brakes and spins a tight U-turn cutting off a car headed west on Benton and the person making the left turn from our lane. He makes a right turn in front of the woman in the left turn lane and looks at both of us in a menacing, ugly way. He peels out, up the hill.

I continued to drive up Market to McD's to get a soda.  Turned around and headed back down Market and back to Benton. As I drive up to the side of the golf course, across the street from the church there are 3 RPD cars parked along side the golf course. A fourth police car drives up. Going to watch the news tonight. Hopefully the incident was just a couple of guys from Orland or Stockton, driving through town.

But, if you're driving through the streets of Redding and you spy an old blue pickup with wood sides that say "oak wood," turn around, drives fast in opposite direction. If you're walking, hide behind the closest bush. And either way, if you have the Green Lantern's number programmed into your cell, call it! That guy be scarey!

Gratitude For The Day

I am thankful for another beautiful sunny day in the middle of January.
I am thankful for Frances and her invite to watch the sunset at Whiskeytown Lake yesterday.
I am thankful for Whiskeytown Lake and all the wonderfulness it has provided over the years.
I am thankful that I don't know the idiot in the blue truck.
I am thankful that I don't know anyone like the guy in the blue truck.

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