January 13, 2013

Oops, Missed A Day

Didn't post a gratitude list yesterday. Not that I didn't experience gratitude yesterday but I was so immersed in gratitude that I didn't have a single moment to post my 3 things (per Dr's orders).

Everyone that thinks this is the whole truth raise your hands?...yeah, that's what I thought. No takers.

To be honest, I was immersed in football. Can't help it, its in the blood.  I was born in Colorado and while not as rabid about the Broncos as the cousins that stayed in Colorado, I still like to see Denver get to the playoffs.

I sat at the edge of the chair yesterday. Honestly, the games were so exciting, and I was alone, so I actually jumped at one time or another to every chair, ottoman even the floor during that game.  Several of my cousins were at the game wrapped in many, many layers of clothing. We communicated through Facebook and texting throughout the game. Most of the communication was short and sweet or short and sour. There were "OMG's" and "WTF's,". There were lots of four letter words and statesments including 4 letter words such as "Hell-yeah!" and "F-no!"  There were heroes, villians and evil referees. Two overtimes and throbbing veins in foreheads. I was glad there wasn't anyone to see me, sitting in my red jammies screaming and yelling at the TV while trying to explain to Rex, the dog that it wasn't about him.

Then the mighty Broncos fell to an interception, a quick set-up, then Field Goal by the Ravens.  Please!
After the excitement of the game to have the winning team squeak by with a kick....just not right.  We got cheated out of screaming our brains out as some wide receiver cradles the ball in his arms and we bust blood vessels in our throats as we yell, "Get Him!"

When I was 9, I moved to California. I should say I was moved by my parents and I didn't go easy. They brought me kicking and screaming, I didn't want to leave my grandparents, cousins and aunts and uncles. But, having been here for quite some time now, I have acclimated my behavior to the natives and now root for California teams too. With a quick click ("click" is purely for effect because our remotes are so darn "clickless") on to the 49er/Packers game.  Another good game. Wow, what a day of good games.

Again, I was traveling from chair to chair, ottoman to ottoman. I was in football heaven.

And then....a knock at the door....I jumped up thinking maybe someone brought beer and came to share the excitement and thrill of men crashing into each other and chasing each other. There stands my friend, my friend who knows nothing of football and doesn't understand the point and wants to talk. The urge to slam the door was almost overwhelming. I could have and I could have gotten away with it because of this stupid clinical depression I am going through. I could have called her this morning and told her I'd forgotten to take my medication. Instead, I invited her in and answered question after question about everything football.

"Why do those men wear leggings?"
"Why aren't they allowed to grab a facemask when there are handles on the masks?"
"Why is it 6 points instead of just one point?"
"Why do you like this?"
"What is that thing going up the butt of their pants?"
"Why is that guy so small when the others all seem so big?"

She is from Mexico and, of course, football to her is soccer and NFL football is for interupting!

I know the 49er's won but the last half of the game was lost to me. Was it good? Was it as good as the first half?

And now, today, what do I have? Seattle and Atlanta....I hope they both lose. Who cares about Seattle and Atlanta?  And later today, Texans vs Patriots...is this Sunday or is this hell?

So, Dr. Ng, you want my gratitude list for yesterday...let me think...

I am grateful for my cousins, even the one who called me a Cougar because I wanted to lick Colin Kaepernick's upper arm tattoo's after throwing and running and scoring so fine. gr OW l.
I am grateful that none of my cousins suffered from frostbite while at the game, even though most were probably way past their limits of alcohol.
I am grateful the 49er's won and won so good.
I am thankful for how my dad must feel this morning, knowing the 49ers beat Green Bay.
I am thankful for football even though I broke my nose playing street ball with the guys in the neighborhood when I was 14.
I am grateful for the new "talk and surf" commercial.
I am thankful that I have plans for the afternoon...oh, hey, Seattle 21, Atlanta 27....close game....maybe I'll watch just a little.

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