January 08, 2013

The Other "F" Word

It seems to me that I have started other blog entries with elucidations regarding my husband's awesomeness. I hope it doesn't get boring to my readers (if there are any of you out there)!

Yesterday afternoon, Mr. Wonderful called me from work to let me know that his boss wanted to have him work Wednesday, his usual day off and take Tuesday off.  My husband discussed it with another employee who I call Mr. A (for Arrogant, although there are many other appropriate adjectives for the jerk).

Mr. A and my husband agreed that Tuesday would be a better day for my husband to take off. Now my sweetie is in retail so we have not had one morning since the middle of November where we have been able to just lay in bed in the morning, snuggle and make plans for the day

This morning we slept in, which means that we were both awake by 7:30.  We laid in bed and talked, switched the news on to check the weather and relished the little bit of time together. He starts to get a little romantic and his I-phone goes off; the text ring that lets him know "The Store" is calling.  Its a text from Mr. A: "Where are you?"

So, Sweetie texts him back, "Remember, working Wednesday, taking today off"

Mr. A responds: "Would have been nice to know"

My honey didn't bother to respond, knew it was just a power game. He put the I-phone down and put his  arm back around me.  Calmly, he started to check out the weather again, but I started to fume, actually I have to say I continued to fume because he constantly gets calls from the store, even if he takes a half hour lunch, he gets at least one call from the store, typically from Mr. A or a question Mr. A has buts insists someone else make the call.

So, I am angry and I tell my husband (colorfully, I might add) what a jerk Mr. A is. I also give my husband a real smart-ass response he should text back. My honey just shakes his head and says, "Don't go there. Forgiveness is the better way."  He told me that his energy was needed for taking care of me and sending energy to our kids and grand kids and for prayer.

Forgiveness. To me, it is almost another F-word when it comes to Mr. A and any others who hurt my family and loved ones.  Okay, I am going to give it a try. Forgiveness. First, I will try it out on the mailman when he is a little late on the day my grandson is expecting his paycheck, I will try to forgive the idiots poor souls who hug my bumper on the road or don't signal their turns. Next week I will attempt applying forgiveness to Mr. A!  I think its going to take a week of prayer to help me get there and a whole lot more prayer to get me to WANT to get there.

My husband is a better man than I am.....thank God.

Gratitude for Dr. Ng and my attempt to climb out of my clinical depression:
I am thankful for prayer.
I am thankful for people who pray.
I am thankful for my husband, he hugs good, he prays good and he....hmm, yeah, I am thankful for my husband.

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