January 25, 2013

Day 3...Still in Jammies, But Clean Jammies!

Wrapped in a quilt, in my jammies, room temperature tea on the table next to me.

Hint to those that do not know: when you have the flu, never, ever, ever drink anything that is not room temperature. It will cause stomach spasms; not fun.

I've been drinking lots of chamomile and peppermint tea and lots and lots of water. Also have been hitting the Ibuprofen but, quite frankly, I would prefer a morphine induced coma until maybe Monday or Tuesday.

Tried to watch several good movies. Love Practical Magic, dozed off and on until the end. National Treasure, dozed. Swiss Family Robinson, more dozing. Tried to read but letters keep moving around and changing sizes! My retention is nil, so bookmark is back in and the book sits on the table under the mug of tea.

Good news is I have Rex, Border Collie who jumps up on bed and snuggles up close to keep me warm when shivering starts to take over. Not so good news, Mulisha, an 11 week old Rott/something else mix. Her cup runneth over in energy and needs to be taken outside every two hours. Though, really, with all the tea and water I am drinking, I am up every two hours anyway!

Typically, if I get sick, which is almost never, I make a large pot of Menuedo, a mexican soup. Menuedo is a miracle soup; cures hangovers, head colds, hangovers, flu and hangovers!  I didn't have all the ingredients yesterday so I substituted what I could and made a pretty awesome tortilla soup last night. Closest thing I could make without hominy and tripe but thankfully I almost always have a couple of serrano chilies and a couple of yellow onions and chili powder, cumin, rosemary, sage, sea salt, pepper and lots of garlic, fresh.  Mix it in with carrots, celery, corn, potatoes and chicken. When its all cooked I take my pizza cutter to a stack of about 10 corn tortillas and drop them in the pot. Ten minutes later, yum. Kind of a south-of-the-border chicken soup.

The soup probably would have worked on curing my flu if I had a nice poblano in the fridge or freezer or even some poblano sauce in the pantry.Garlic is a natural antibiotic but chili is just a miracle and a gift from God.

Hey, the pantry! I think I still have some of the peaches from our tree that my mom-in-law canned. Okay, time to let the dogs out and the pantry is on my way back.

Peaches don't help but they are good, maybe I'll make a peach cobbler......NOT!

I am thankful for peaches and my peach tree.
I am thankful for plums and my plum trees.
I am thankful for pears and will miss my pear tree.
I am thankful for Vicks.
I am thankful for hot showers.

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