January 10, 2013

Not Valentine's Day

I know its January 10th and most of you have taken your Christmas trees and decorations down, packed them away for next year.

Our decorations didn't go up until about the 23rd.  Notice how I say "didn't go up"" as if it was the responsibility of the tree, lights and garland to get themselves where they needed to be?

They came down today! OKAY, okay, so I'm a little late and the tree is about as crispy at ruffles with ridges!

I didn't buy any new decorations and I only decorated the living room, a 3' tree and the front door.  I have 7 large rubber containers of Christmas lights and decorations and a collection of Santa Clauses.  Unbelievably I can't get that little bit back into the containers!

Do garlands expand if the lights they had on top of them are taken out of the crate?  Do silver bells grow?  Can an old Forest Santa collect more goodies in his sack? Why doesn't this stuff fit?

Every thing packed in tight but the garland around the front door. Now it's pine garland with some grapevine hearts and heritage red bells and berries.  It goes good with the color of the house and the door is red.  Do I drive over to Shopko and purchase another rubber container or keep the garland up, and call it Valentine's Day Decoration?

More importantly, the real, accurate, authentic, bona fide, veritable purpose for this blog entry; if I keep typing will the dry pine needles trailing across the floor, carpet and entry vacuum themselves up?

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