April 02, 2017

A To Z Challenge "C"

Robin Carr, a well-published author wrote, "A great writer chases her hero up a tree and then throws rocks at her."
A to Z 2017 Theme: Rocks to Throw At A Hero Who Is Up A Tree!

Genre of any particular story has an incredible influence on what obvious and not-so-obvious rocks the writer will/may throw at the hero.

Science Fiction: Obvious: Criminal aliens Come to take Command of Earth in Mothership Cruisers that resemble mechanical Claws.   There is always tossing the threat of a massive Comet headed towards Earth, in fact, it is headed to the very Continent that the writer's demographics reside in.

Westerns: Really bad Cowboys,  Cowgirls, Cows, Calving, Calvary Captains or Corporals, innocent Citizens and Carbines. Pretty Certain at least one of the Characters has an extremely Challenging Case of the Consumption, and may actually be spitting up blood. Or, a band of Cherokee, Comanche, Choctaw  or Cheyenne warriors-gone-rogue.

Often, the hero is going to have to get the wagons to Circle, sometimes to protect the innocent victims and sometimes, well, sometimes just to circle!

Historical FictionCancer?  Maybe another visit from our Corrupt Candidate! Capital gains loss! 
Capture or Close Call by someone on a fast train to the Orient or, less likely, Carbon Monoxide poisoning! 

Children's Literature:  Cool! So many challenges in stories for kids. Crazy Cats with stripey hats, Confounded Clowns with Colorful scarves Clinging from the Cuffs of their Charming Costumes! Cautious Camels, Cantankerous Caterpillar, Caribou with Crimson noses, Conceited Cheetahs!  Calculating Caiman! 

RomanceCharming yet Cunning Court Jester! Cowardly Creep!  Combative Cousin (looking to snare the hero's inheritance. Coquettish Contessa...don't turn your back on her  or leave your jewels alone with her. Stuck in a desserted Cabin with Charles, Chas, Conrad, Colin who owns an ancient apples orchard and is struck with our heroine prowess for Climbing trees and her powerful Curve ball (again, see 'A').

Action/Adventure: Obvious could be a Colombian Cartel (yawn) Coming  to a town near you! Maybe our hero's imaginary tree is that she has been Captured by the Cartel and she is planning her great escape! Can only hope the thought of sparsely Clothed Cannibals.

Could be that the author's stone is a Crash (probably car). or threat of a Crash (probably airliner), impending Crash (airliner, soviet submarine, or City bus! Most are common and conspicuous choices of Calamity. But, do not forget the inevitable Covert Cops, Corrupt Candidates or Coveting Crocodile (one never knows what is awaiting behind the nest tree while running for your life in a Columbian rain forest) !

Not so obvious, what if terrorists hijack the android phone from a newly elected, crazy leader of a free-world nation with adware trojan viruses? Particularly, Cobblerone, or Coolreaper or Crazyworld or, (really?) Crisis!

Imagine how crazy those Tweets could be?  

("Mom, no one would do that?"

"Why not?

"Because that is already happening and it's the owner of the phone doing the Tweeting!"

"No Way!"



  1. A crazy collection here! How does a crocodile covet?

    1. When he spies the story's hero who is climbing up the bank of a river, and not being chomped on by his big, sharp teeth?


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