April 08, 2017

A to Z Challenge 'G'

A to Z Challenge: Rocks a writer throws at the hero once she's been written up a tree!

Gloria is our heroine of the day. I chose this name because it reminds me of my teenage years. Gloria was pretty much the only song 3/4 of the teenage boys could play on the guitar in the '60's, some better than others, but none very well!

Gloria's author has written her up a very immature tree; the trunk barely holds up under the slightestest of breezes.

Gloria begins the story with a Gambit of eccentricities. She is a Genius, yet a bit Gauche; her awkwardness coming from being raised by a Grandiose but Garish Grandmother and a ghoulish uncle. 

Gloria's life with Gigi (granny) and Garth (uncle) is definitely grueling until their untimely death in an especially Gruesome Garage explosion.

Gloria, naturally, inherits the estate, including the Gardens and Grounds.

As Gloria...no, that name will not do...let's Go with Gabriella; heroines need 4 syllable names, it adds a touch of drama.  

"Gnawing at her lower lip"  (cliche, yes, but it works, just one of her Glaring eccentricities) : As Gabriella packs up Gigi's and Garth's Gear she discovers Garth's journal (dang, I was saving Journal for 'J' day). Many entries suggest things hidden; secrets; tragedies! Too bad about the lip though.

What rocks can our writer throw at Gabriella?

Groom. Is she a bride or does she visit the stables?

Gold? Yes, treasure! Once the mystery is resolved, what Gems will be unearthed?

Global Warming!   Will the rising water from melting glaciers bury the secrets forever?

Genteel Gentleman. Good Guy or bad Guy? Garrulous and Glib versus Good and Grounded? Will a Gesture of helpfulness be sincere or is it sinister and self-serving?

Gargantuan Gaffe. Does Gabriella share too much with the wrong dude? Does she not question why his Glove was found in the conservatory with a candlestick? Should she have let him kiss her?

Gift. Beware a stranger bearing gifts! On the other hand, don't look a gift horse in the mouth.

Government.  This could be very, very bad! Why is the FBI investigating Uncle Garth's Gig?

Goodbye's.  Ah, Gabriella was too gullible to Uncle Garth's partner's, (Garrett) Gossip, motivating her to Gainsay all the Generous and altruistic Gestures of the good guy. Bye, Guy!

Have no fear, Guy will return at just the right moment. Probably in the dark boat house, at midnight, when Gabriella leaves the safety of the house to investigate the light she Glimpsed while Grabbing a midnight snack.

Glaring Error. Puh-lease! What is she doing in the boathouse?  What if Good Guy"s train is late?

Gravity. Sorry, another cliche, but the heroine must always trip and do a face plant while being chased!

Gorilla!  Yes, he's escaped from the zoo! Of all nights for a wildlife refugee to choose the boathouse to catch some zzz's!

Gorilla's!  Uncle Garth's cohorts or enemies seeking drugs, money, revenge? Good Grief!

Greed. (see Gorilla's)

Gee, that's a lot!  


  1. I had a good giggle on this one Toni thank you!

  2. That was great! A garrulous giraffe could have got out and added to the goings-on too.

    1. Actually, I did think of including a gangly giraffe.

  3. 'g' is for 'garrulous' (see donald dump)

  4. Such fun!
    I love alliterative writing...and all things Seussical!
    Writer In Transit

  5. Replies
    1. Gardasil is government's form of mass sterilzation and population control!

  6. How fun. Who would think a story could be driven by G's.

  7. Good golly but you're good at this :)


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