April 22, 2017

A to Z Challenge 'S'

A to Z 2017 Theme: Rocks to Throw At A Hero Who Is Up A Tree!

Robin Carr, a well-published author describes a talented author as "someone who chases her hero up a tree and then throws rocks at her."

Being able to tell a good Story is probably one of the most wonderful gifts the universe can bestow on a person. At least, in my opinion. I'd rather have the ability to Spin a Suspenseful yarn around the campfire than have a couple of million dollars. (Not having a couple of million dollars qualifies that as an easy Statement to make!)

One of the challenges for a writer is to put to paper a personality with Soul, Spirit, and a Sympathetic nature but is a little flawed, The rocks we throw help the hero Summon the Spunk to rise to the occasion; to Solicit the Sweat and Strength to learn, to conquer, to Show the reader (and other characters) that they've got the Stuff!

So, if the hero's Shy,  the writer might aim some Situations where leadership is called for. Could be a Small Stage, Such as a town council meeting to a Spacious Stadium.

Say, the hero has Shown up in the story as a Successful, Stable Stockbroker. He is authentic and Sincere, yet begins the story with a wee bit Susceptibility towards Sanctimonious judgements.

What would a good writer throw at these characters to assist in their Shift?

What if the Shy, introverted Sara is tossed into the mix with Sanctimonious Sven?

Hmm, maybe Sven Should be in Realtor instead of Stockbroker? He might have a Segacious Strategy  to build a high-rise commercial building (Surely, for the betterment of the town) on land dedicated by the Settling Founding Fathers for Community Socializing (park and recreation center).

Shy Sara, Stands her ground. She Swallows her Skittishness and rallies the town to take s Stand!

There will be Skirmishes, Sarcasm, occasional Serious Sucking Face. but, Somehow, Sara and Sven will Step up and become true heroes, and, with luck, Score a little Gratuitous Sex,

What would you throw at your hero that assists in growth?

Please, writers, don't put 4 inch heels on a woman who is going to Stroll throw a park.

Just Sayin'


  1. HAHA! Yes, 4 inch heels don't belong in a park. You won't get very far with them!

  2. I always warned my sons about girls who wear pants that are too tight. They might look sexy, but when they get home they aren't any fun. They're too chafed!

    The same with tall, sexy heels. Sore feet and twisted ankle do not make a person fun!

  3. 's' is for 'shitgibbon' (see donald dump)


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