April 17, 2017

A to Z Challenge 'N'

A to Z 2017 Theme: Rocks to Throw At A Hero Who Is Up A Tree!

Robin Carr, a well-published author describes a talented author as "someone who chases her hero up a tree and then throws rocks at her."

Not to get Nasty but 'N' can be quite Nebulous and Negative. Thankfully, 'N' counters with many Nice aspects.

Today's writer may put words to paper, creating a News Reporter working for the New York Times covering National News  in 2017.

Sometimes the biggest rock can seem like a Handout, yet Hold Hidden, foreboding perils.

For instance, what could be better more Newsworthy than a Narcissistic, Nihilistic, Nefarious Nutbag in the White House? The Nepotism alone is Notorious Nonsense.

Our hero is enveloped in a wealth of Nutty events to report. (using adjective 'nutty' only because it is an "N" day but personally believe that erratic, irrational, bizarre, paranoid, preposterous, daft, deranged, maniacal, psychopathic would all be better suited adjectives)

Though monumental, this nettlesome blessing (oxymoron, I know!) may ruin her career, as Nutso 45 (not to mention any proper Names) points a stubby little finger yelling, "Fake News, Fake, News!"

Will our News Reporter be able to sleep at Night without developing the Nightmarish Neurosis of Not waking up, as is happening to many purported persons-of-interest in the  scandal of Nutbag's getting in bed with our National Nemesis?

Will her work be Negated by Nutbag's ignorant minions?

Will Nutbag grab her Nethers? Will his Tweets Needle her, ad Nauseum?

On the flip side, will our Noble hero be Nurtured, her body of work affirmed by the majority of world's citizens who can see through 45's con?

No!  No more 'N's! I've made myself too Nauseated to push forward!

 Please forgive me.
I Nabbed an A to Z Challenge 
due to my recalcitrant Nature to 
Needle the Noodle in the Number 1 Nest! 

Little does Nutbag realize that he is not Nobility residing in an ivory tower. Just a Wanna Be pretending to be king. Wake Up, Nutso, and go home to your gilded tower.

Oops, I did it again!


 (Not Really!)



  1. 'n' is for 'naufragous' (something that creates a disaster [see donald dump])

  2. This was very funny. I especially enjoyed Nutbag grab her Nethers. You went wild!

    1. It was totally inspired by a real Nutbag!

  3. HAHA! This was fun to read. Especially the Nutbag part :)

    1. Thank you, Martha. It was fun to get it off my chest!!!

  4. You forgot narcissistic. But good one, nonetheless. (Oooh, another good N.)

    1. Actually, I think it is up there but probably the whole word should have been to stress it!

  5. Ah, I loves me some alliteration :) I wouldn't mind ninja-ing the nutbag.
    Rebecca at The Ninja Librarian


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