April 09, 2017

A to Z Challenge 'H'

Robin Carr, a well-published author wrote, "A great writer chases her hero up a tree and then throws rocks at her."

A to Z 2017 Theme: Rocks to Throw At A Hero Who Is Up A Tree!

The expression, "starving artist" is not new to any of us. Well, writers are artists, too, and many of us are just as Hungry!  In fact, our Handsome, Hunky, Homeless Hero has a huge target on his back because Haggard writers can be quite Heartless.

Grab a Hunk of Ham and let's Hurl some stones!

Today's H rocks! 

Hits-the-skids:  Henry, his friends call him Hank, just lost his job as a Hostler, a victim of down-sizing in a declining economy (Damn, I could have used that in the "D's").

Hopeless Happenstance:  Jobless equals money-less, our Hero feels Hung-out-to-dry

Harold the Hostile Homeowner discovers that Hank-the-Hero has recently fluctuated from a Haves to a Haves-not status, Hence the Homelessness.

Heave-Ho: (refer to Hostile Homeowner)

Hot-Headed yet Humble Head Honcho: Harley, owner of the small-time Hometown cafe, bar,  diner, Hangout, Hires Hank to Hackle dishes and flip Hamburgers after a profoundly Harsh Harangue. 

It is up to the writer to choose the subject of the lecture, Hence, I will continue on to next rock!

Horny Horticulturalist,  Boy, can Hank flip a burger with those Hunky gunboats. Hannah, the plant lady, is Hooked. Poor Hank, he is Hesitant to respond to her overtures due to his impoverished state. Hank is Honorable, which, in itself is not a bad thing but it tends to lead even the Hunkiest of Hunks to a celibate life.

Howling Hell Hounds: Better get your Hienie Higher up that tree, Hank. (Where is Dean Winchester when you need him?)

Horrendous Hillbilly Hockey Player, ex-boyfriend of Hannah. Drives a Hummer and carries a Hammer and sticks, lots of long, painted sticks.  Side note: He purchased the vehicle to make up for other inadequacies  (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). Of course, Hannah has put a Halt to the relationship with toothless Half-wit Howie but he won't take the Hint (and he does carry that big ol' hammer).

Homeland Security Agent. Harry, a Hometown boy, finds Hank on the side of the Highway, having been Hijacked by said Hummer Half-wit.

"Holy Hell, what Happened to You?" grilled the government gumshoe. (Damn, I really could have used this phrase on Friday; maybe next year!)

Yes, the hammer is real. Yes, it Hurt. Yes, a ride to the ER would be nice.

During the ride to the Hosptial, Hank unwittingly divulges information regarding random Heinous Hardware Held in the Hummer.

"Hallelujah!"  Helpful Agent Harry (as opposed to Hairy Agent...ew!) Hollers, "We've been Hunting for a traitorous, Hoodwinking Hooligan Heterodox! It must be Howie!"

Hooking a right into the hospital parking lot, Hank spies the Hummer!

Oh, no! Hannah is being Held Hostage by Hateful Howie.

"Hand Her over, you Hustler!" Hank demands as he painfully hoists himself from the government vehicle.

Howie pulls a bloody hammer out from behind him.

Thankfully, Agent Harry is carrying Heat.


Hole in one, hammer and Howie Hit the ground.

Hastily, untying Hannah, Hank holds her in his arms. Hugging, they kiss while Harry and local PD huddle in Hushed voices.

Hannah whispers, "Take me Home, my hero!"

 "Holy Hell," exclaims the exhausted Homeland Security Agent, 
"I've never heard a Hokier story...ever!


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