April 04, 2017

Hey, It's Okay

Here we are again.


But it is not okay!

I have been sick for 12 days with a cold that is a killer. Hacking up both my lungs, can't lay down to sleep, my throat ACHES, sinus headache that is hysterically laughing at all attempts to relieve it!

Gargling with crushed garlic, cloves and aloe vera which usually helps but not this time. Is it being 66 that makes it harder to bounce back?  (Not that I've done much bouncing of any kind lately)

Parents 45 miles away and I'm afraid to take this nasty cold with me to see them. Thankfully, my sister got them groceries but, I feel like I'm falling down on the job.

I'd get a note from Mom saying I'm excused this week, too, but that means I have to go and see her to get the note...then, who do I give it to...my Mom?

But, if it was Hey, It's Okay Tuesday, I might have listed that It's Okay:

1. That my granddaughter, Haley, just made Varsity Cheer Leading Squad.

2. That granddaughter, Jo, is flying out for a visit in two weeks.

3. That my physical therapist is magically fixing my shoulder.

4. That my son and his wife have jumped through all the hoops and are now ready to open their arms and home to foster kid/kids and possibly adoption.

5. That the weather is awesome. In Redding a typical Spring lasts about 8 hours and then we zip up into the high 90's! This year we have a little rain, a little sunshine, a day or two of high 60's or 70's and then back to spring showers. Nice.  Crap, did I just jinx it?

6. Garage Sale and Donate book boxes are out numbering the Keep book boxes 3 to 1!  Yay!  Found good for homes for many of the books already.

7. The gray color on the walls make me want to lick them!

8. I made the best dang Beef Pho from scratch last week. Helped my throat for about 15 minutes!

Have a great week, all!


  1. A lot of good stuff here. Especially about the grandkids and your wife and son! Not so much about the cold. I hope you feel better soon. And that is amazing about the books. As a bookaholic, I can say it's a huge accomplishment on your part.

  2. Fun post. Lots of good things going on in your life!

  3. Nice family news! I hope you feel better soon. The colds this year have been particularly nasty.

  4. I was all feeling bad for you because you were sick--and, really, I do feel bad for you--but now all i can think about is Beef Pho.

    Uh ... yum.

  5. I am sorry to read that you are having such a difficult time withe the cold. It is winter's last kick in the pants. I hope it goes away soon.


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